Futuristic AI Camera

Futuristic AI Camera
Futuristic AI Camera powered by Raspberry Pi Zero

Designed and built a futuristic looking camera case for Raspberry Pi Zero. The original idea was to have a camera to monitor my 3D builds and create timelapse shots of various things.

The final build of Futuristic AI Camera

Bill of Material

The bill of material for the components is the following:

3D Printed Case

3D case modeling was done with Fusion 360 and the final design has six different components.

3D design for camera case components

I published the model's .STL files Creative Commons license and those can be downloaded from Printables.com, here.

The Code

There are many good tutorials on how to use Python for taking pictures when pressing button. The possibilities on what you do with your picture files after that are endless - apply AI magic to them or just post them directly to your Telegram etc. Couple of tutorials to get you started: