Eurorack Skull Attenuator for Darker Tunes

Eurorack Skull Attenuator for Darker Tunes
Modular synth module to attenuate darker voltages

Created another Eurorack modular synth module after the Emergency Bass Drop Module. This is a passive attenuator/fader that can attenuate the given signal. It's still easy to build as it doesn't require current from the Eurorack bus and only uses couple of components. Attenuator circuit is created using a 10k slider pot along with single 1k resistor.

"Forgive me Father for I have Synth (again)"!

Bill of material

Only couple of components are needed:

3D printed and electronic components

3D Printable Parts

Designed a simple panel and slider decoration with Fusion 360. I used the existing Human Skull Cut model by TAB and just resized it and added a hole for slider knob.

Eurorack panel and slider decorations

You can download the STL files from Printables:
Eurorack Skull Attenuator/Fader Module by Tommi L. | Download free STL model |


Circuit follows a simple passive mixer setup. In fact, it would be nice to create a skull themed passive mixer with the same design :)


Final Module

Some images of the final module. Maybe some video of actual usage later :)

Front view of the module
Back view of the module, highlighting the wiring
Module in Eurorack case along with other modules

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Tommi Laukkanen (
Attached: 3 images Forgive me father for I have synth again! This time designed and built a skull attenuator #ModularSynth module for #Eurorack - Great for attenuating those darker voltages šŸ˜ˆ šŸŽ¶